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I. Project Name


ITL Sailing LOHAS City


II. Project Organizer


Xi’an International Inland Port Vision Real Estate Co., Ltd.


III. Project Description

項目位于秦漢大道與港務西路西南角,緊鄰地鐵3號線,占地約181畝,包含住宅及商業綜合體。 其中住宅90畝,總建筑面積22.8萬平米,容積率2.5,綠地率29%,主要以高層為主;商業91畝,總建筑面積45萬平米,容積率4.8,綠地率39%,將打造以大健康產業、醫療保健、旅游集散中心為主的商業綜合體。

Situated in the southwest corner of the intersection of Qinhan Avenue and Gangwu Road West, next to Line 3 of Xi’an Metro, the project covers an area of about 181 mu. It is a residential and commercial complex. The residences cover 90 mu, with a gross area of 228,000 square meters, a plot ratio of 2.5 and a greening rate of 29%, most of which are high-rise buildings. The commercial area covers an area of 91 mu, with a total area of 450,000 square meters, a plot ratio of 4.8 and a greening rate of 39%, aiming to build a commercial complex based on the big health industry, medical care, and the tourist distributing center.


IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Mode

項目總投資382700萬元。 商業部分企業可采取租賃、購買等模式合作。

The investment totals RMB 3,827 million. In terms of the commerce, enterprises can adopt the modes of leasing and purchasing to cooperate.


V. Contact Information

聯系人:王鵬輝、賀彥雄、劉 鑫

Contact Person: Wang Penghui/He Yanxiong/Liu Xin


Tel.: 18220800669/13772525216/17792091325


Address: Cabin 2, No. 7, Gangwu Avenue, Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park


Post Code: 710026

電子郵箱:[email protected][email protected][email protected]

E-mail:[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]

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